1. Membership of Moss Vale Men's Probus Club is open to retired men.
2. Initially men must attend three meetings or activities of the club.
3. Application may then be applied for on the appropriate form.
4. The form is then submitted to the club committee for approval.
5. The club is limited to 104 active members and in some situations
applicants may be placed on a waiting list.
6. Induction into the club takes place at the following general meeting.

Current Membership Fees

1. There is an initial registration fee of $40. This covers registration with PSPL, badges, insurance etc. This is payable by 31st March each year. There is a reduction in this fee for new members who join through the year.
2. The annual membership fee is determined by the committee annually and is currently set at $40. A surcharge of $5 is added for members who rejoin after the closing date, 31st March each year.
3. There is an additional fee of $30 which covers morning tea for members at each general meeting. best website creator